Work Zone Safety

Work Zone Crash Statistics

Work zones can present unfamiliar and potentially dangerous situations for many drivers, regardless of experience. Drivers play a vital role in improving work zone safety and moving Mississippi toward zero deaths on highways. In 2018, 10 people died in work zone crashes.

  • Every 14 minutes, there is an injury in a work zone.
  • During the past 5 years, work zone crashes have caused more than:
    • 4,400 persons died (85 percent of which was the driver or passenger)
    • 200,000 persons were injured
  • Drivers are the most frequent fatality in work zone crashes
  • Most work zone fatalities involve working-age adults
  • Rear-end crashes (running into the rear of a slowing or stopping vehicle) are the most common type of work zone crash.
  • Fatal work zone crashes occur most often in summer and fall.
  • The majority of fatal work zone crashes occurred on roads with speed limits greater than 50 mph.
  • Stopping distance for motor vehicles at 50 mph:
    • Dry roadway~300 ft
    • Wet roadway~400 ft
    • Icy pavement~1,250 ft
  • A loaded 80,000 lb. tractor-trailer requires almost 50% more stopping distance.
  • It takes only an extra 25 seconds to cover 1 mile at 45 mph compared to 65 mph.
  • Areas where traffic is entering or leaving work zones are often more dangerous because drivers may be changing lanes and merging.