Road Smart

Flashing Yellow Arrow

The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is implementing a new traffic signal to provide a safer, more efficient left turn for motorists. The Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) left-turn signal will begin replacing the circular green signal for permitted left turns at selected intersections.

Learn How to Use a Flashing Yellow Arrow

Why install a Flashing Yellow Arrow?

A national study demonstrated drivers had fewer crashes when using the Flashing Yellow Arrow left-turn signal than with the traditional circular greet left-turn signal, because some drivers perceive any green signal to mean GO.

The new Flashing Yellow Arrow left-turn signal provides a more direct message than the circular green one. YIELD to oncoming traffic and pedestrians when you see it flashing.

What Are the Benefits of the Flashing Yellow Arrow?

The Flashing Yellow left-turn signal gives traffic engineers the flexibility to use specific signals during different times of the day. In some locations, it is possible that either the Flashing Yellow Arrow or steady green arrow may not be seen every time you approach the intersection. This will reduce wait times at signals using the Flashing Yellow Arrow.